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Carmen Sylva
(1843-1916) Poet and Queen of Romania (Regina Elisabeta)

Carmen Sylva
(H.M. Queen Elisabeth of Romania)

Pauline Elisabeth Ottilie Luise zu Wied (Schloss Monrepos, Neuwied, 29 December 1843 - Curtea de ArgeĊŸ or Bucharest, 3 March/2 November 1916) was the Queen Consort of King Carol I of Romania, widely known by her literary name of Carmen Sylva.

Born in Neuwied, she was the daughter of German Prince Hermann of Wied and his wife Marie, daughter of Wilhelm, Duke of Nassau (and sister of Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg). She was a prospective bride for Edward VII of the United Kingdom, then Prince of Wales. She first met the future king of Romania at Berlin in 1861, and was married to him on 15 November 1869 in Neuwied. Her only child, a daughter, Maria, died in 1874.

In the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 she devoted herself to the care of the wounded, and founded the Order of Elizabeth (a gold cross on a blue ribbon) to reward distinguished service in such work. She fostered the higher education of women in Romania, and established societies for various charitable objects.

Early distinguished by her excellence as a pianist, organist and singer, she also showed considerable ability in painting and illuminating; but a lively poetic imagination led her to the path of literature, and more especially to poetry, folk-lore and ballads. In addition to numerous original works she put into literary form many of the legends current among the Romanian peasantry.

She was the 835th Dame of the Royal Order of Queen Maria Luisa.

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A signed photo of Queen Elizabeth of Romania (the authoress 'Carmen Sylva')

A letter written on behalf of Queen Elizabeth of Romania (the authoress 'Carmen Sylva') by her Private Secretary in August, 1907.